How did I do that?

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I sat down today to bring the balance down in our checkbook and pay bills. I had noticed yesterday that there was a big discrepancy in what our checkbook register said compared to the bank website. I printed out the bank page and went at it, comparing every single transaction until I found the missing one.

How in the world did I forget to enter my husband’s paycheck last week? I’m sitting here laughing at myself. I’m very thankful that was the mistake – but I feel rather silly about it too.

Guess I’ll have to make a point to enter the paychecks right away next time. I usually do, but I don’t know what happened that week!

Silly me.

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9 thoughts on “How did I do that?”

  1. Yipes! Stripes! I thought I was the only
    one who hit a few trash cans… My husband
    poked fun at me for not updating my eye glasses. Praise the Lord and pass me the
    magnifying glass! Melly

  2. What a nice mistake. I have, unfortuneately, done the opposite of not writing in a transaction, which cost us. But praise the Lord this work out as a blessing! *Ü*

    ~ Christina

  3. At least you deposited the check! Our paychecks sat in our glovebox for nearly two weeks before we realized the mistake! It cost us too, since our mortgage payment was withdrawn automatically, and several checks hit the bank before we knew about the problem!

  4. I can live with that type of mistake…lol! It’s when we forgot to right in a debit card or check # use that’s not good!

  5. Hey at least it was a positive mistake. I forgot to pay a car payment onetime but had deducted it out of the register so I was sure I paid it. I visited the site to make my payment but either forgot to hit the submit button or there was a problem. Didnt know till a month later when they called to ask about it. At least I deducted it from the checkbook so thank God it was still there. we all do things like that from time to time!

  6. Amy – that’s funny! My husband teases me with my driving because there’s a tree at the end of our driveway that I always seem to hit. For some reason, I always turn the van the wrong way when I’m backing out and I scrape that poor tree. Lol!

  7. Gosh, Melody, that is a doozy! One time I forgot how to drive. I couldn’t remember which way to turn the steering wheel in order to avoid hitting the garbage can. I knocked it right over.

    Silly Melody!

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