Sometimes God sends surprises

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Last week our family got an amazing surprise.

After almost six years of infertility, we were stunned to discover that I am pregnant.

I am still amazed. In many ways, it still doesn’t seem real.

We received our diagnosis of PCOS before we ever started trying to conceive. Over time, we tried some fertility procedures, but none of them worked. Eventually, God led us to adopt our precious son. I honestly believe that God’s plan for my life included infertility and adoption so I would see that even a child could not fill that void in my life. I just love how God used my tiny little son to lead me to Himself that July evening in 2004. If He had allowed us to conceive before then, we may never have adopted him. . .and I may never have accepted Christ as my personal Savior. I honestly believe that I would have become so wrapped up in my pregnancy, my child – that I never would have listened to His gentle prodding that I was lost.

After we adopted our son, we eventually started praying for more children. We didn’t care if they came into our family via adoption or birth – we just wanted to grow our family. I’ve had a desire to become pregnant for years, but I gave that desire over to the Lord. I wanted His plan for my life more than I wanted a pregnancy, especially if that pregnancy might keep me from serving Him in the way in which He had intended.

When I met with my doctor last fall, she told me that with my insulin levels the way they were, I would never conceive. She also told me I was well on my way to becoming diabetic. I followed her instructions – not because I was desperate to conceive – but because I am scared to death of becoming diabetic if it can be prevented or delayed. As time went on, I lost weight (64 pounds!) and my cycles returned and became regular. The changes I made were for my overall health, and not with intent to lose tons of weight or to conceive. I had hoped for both of those things eventually, but they weren’t my end goal.

Recently, I realized that many of the symptoms I was having were pregnancy symptoms. I wasn’t sure if they were pregnancy symptoms or just pms, so I decided to wait a little before I did a test. I didn’t want to test too early and chance getting a false negative or wasting a test. When I finally did test, I was shocked when it turned positive.

I went in for a test last week to confirm the two tests I had done at home. They calculated a tentative due date, and scheduled an ultrasound. That’s in two weeks.

I am so thankful. I never thought I’d ever be able to say, “I’m pregnant,” but look what God has done! I’m not sure what God has planned for this little one’s life – but I can’t wait to see. His timing is best!

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23 thoughts on “Sometimes God sends surprises”

  1. I haven’t read your blog for ages and I was absolutely delighted to see that you are expecting! I am thrilled for you and praising God for this baby! I will check back to see what you have.


  2. Congratulations on your miracle from God. We also have a testimony of God’s faithful in PCOS and infertility. I am praising Him for your joyous news!

  3. I know he’s not the only one, but I’m keeping my opionion on the matter silent for now. I’m just thrilled to be pregnant.

    By the way – I did NOT put that idea in his head – he told me that the other day after talking to your sister! Ha! He’s been saying he wants a girl for a while though.

    It’s not up to me, anyways. ;O)

  4. Melody!!!! OMG, that’s great!!!!! Congrats!!!!! So does Sammy want a little brother or a little sister? lol

  5. Melody, Wes and I had a few problems conceiving, so I understand that thrill you’re talking about. I can remember holding our firstborn (who is now 18!) and being absolutely amazed that my body had actually worked and given birth to a baby! LOL From what I know now, I’m pretty sure my infertility problems had their roots in insulin resistance – wish I’d known then what I know now – or that the doctors had known. Anyway, our first two were very hard to conceive, but our third one was a complete surprise.

  6. Congratulations on the newest blessing. I will keep you in my prayers for an easy pregnancy and a lovely delivery. Clare

  7. HOTDOG!!! I can’t even begin to say how happy I am. More than that, isn’t God AWESOME! He just amazes me… So how are you feeling? morning sickness? extreme fatigue? You will probably be one of the lucky ones. Man, I wish I could watch you grow. Take pictures okay. I am rambling.

  8. Oh Melody,
    This is wonderful news. It gives me hope my for my dd. She is 29 and has that illness. The doctor said her chances are 25%. She has been trying for 7 years.
    I feel so much better now.

  9. Thanks, y’all!

    Susan, once my cycles started to regulate (about 2 months after I changed my diet), I wondered if we would conceive. Still. . .seeing it actually happen was quite the thrill!

  10. Melody, I am not one bit surprised! I’ve been waiting for this post. From the fertility problems you were having, and then finding out your insulin levels were high and taking steps to lower them and losing weight . . . I’ve seen it happen before that pregnancy soon follows. I was so hoping that the same would happen for you . . . I am so thrilled for you!!!!! Praise the Lord!

  11. OMYGOSH Melody!!!!!! This is so exciting!!! I have goosebumps and can’t even begin to word how excited I am for you! May God bless you guys and this precious new life with health & happiness!!!!

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