Neat little modesty tip

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Each Saturday I try to go through our closets and pick out and iron what everyone is going to wear to church in the morning. I don’t always pick out Stephen’s clothes for him though – he has a specific rotation to his clothes that I haven’t quite figured out yet. :happy_tb:

Anyways, I was going through my clothes today and I chose a blouse for tomorrow that is too low-cut for me to wear without something to raise the neckline a bit. It’s a pretty little button-front blouse, and I usually wear a silk scarf with it. For some reason, none of the scarves that I usually wear with it looked right today.

As I thought about it, I remembered a box of vintage handkerchiefs that I inherited from my grandmother. They’re beautiful – many have exquisite embroidery or delicate lace edges. Most of them are just the right size to use inside a blouse. The one I chose for tomorrow has a delicate crocheted trim on it and it really adds a nice touch to the blouse.

The scarves are nice to use, but sometimes they can be hard to pin inside a blouse if they’re very big. It was nice to find something else that will look nice but that won’t add a lot of extra bulk.

So now I suppose I’ve found something else to hunt for at thrift shops – vintage handkerchiefs and silk scarves! I have a couple dozen scarves already at least, but it’s nice to have a variety to choose from. Besides, when you get them at a dollar bag sale, you don’t have to feel guilty for buying over a dozen at one time! :laugh_tb:

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9 thoughts on “Neat little modesty tip”

  1. I purchased 2 light weight, sleeveless, mock turtle neck pullovers,one black, one white; for just that reason. Now if a neckline is too low to be modest, I just slip on the turtle neck & off I go!

  2. Most of mine are large enough that I can pin the corners to my straps underneath the blouse. Some of them could be folded diagonally and pinned, if they’re not wide enough to pin without folding.

    It won’t work without damaging some straps – but some of mine I can pin it to without it leaving holes.

  3. Alison, our closets are so small that if we iron our clothes first, we’d have to re-iron them once we want to wear them. They’re just packed in too tightly to stay pressed. Once in a while they’ll stay looking nice, but that is pretty rare. Little man’s closet is an exception, but most of his clothes are wash-and-wear anyways. Ours is a different story.

    Thanks for making the suggestion though – I do need to be better at ironing farther ahead of time. Perhaps it’s time to purge the closets – that might help. . .

  4. This isn’t a criticism, but I’m puzzled as to why you don’t iron all the clothes after washing and drying them, before they go back in the closet? Then you wouldn’t have to select things to iron specially for church.

  5. I Can’t wait to see it. I have been putting bead’s on my curtan’s today OHH It is annoying!

  6. Aww, thanks. I wore it under my blouse to the Mother Daughter Banquet too, so if you remember what that looks like. . .

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