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After my last coupon book fell apart, I decided to try a new system. This time I purchased a 3-ring binder and some plastic pages. The binder is a Wilson Jones Impact 3-ring binder. They’re not the cheapest binder on the market, but they hold up extremely well. The pages are photo sleeves that will hold three 4×6 photos on a page, with a small area on the side for a label.


Each page has the coupons in the two bottom pockets. Each group of coupons is sorted by date, to make culling out expired ones easier. Coupons that will expire in the next couple of weeks go into the top pocket so they can be used before they expire.


The labels are just printed on card stock and cut out. I printed two of each so I could see the writing on each side and flip through the book a bit easier. Here’s a close-up of the label:



There are 2 sizes of envelopes in the front of the notebook. Some stores limit the number of coupons you can use in one order, so I sort all the coupons I might use into a business envelope. Then I put a smaller envelope inside the bigger one. As I find items in the store that I’m definitely buying, I transfer those coupons into the smaller envelope, and make a mark on the outside to show how many coupons are inside. Then when I’m ready to check out, all I need is the smaller envelope. I read about the envelope system over at the Taking Stock Blog.

The notebook is a bit on the large size, but everything is so organized that it is very easy to find the coupons I want while I’m in the store.

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