My newest mother's bracelet design

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I got an email the other day after I posted about the rolls I was making for a baby shower. She stated that she didn’t realize that I made mother’s bracelets. That made me realize that I hadn’t posted about jewelry here in a while.

It all started with a bracelet that I had made for myself while Stephen and I were in the adoption process. I wanted a visible reminder that there really was a child waiting for us at the end of our long wait.

Then people started noticing the bracelet and wanting one of their own. I had never planned to make and sell them, but there was enough demand for them that that’s what I ended up doing. I named the business Hope of My Heart Designs. In February 2005, I put the store on the internet.

Now I offer bracelets for infertility and adoption, miscarriage and loss, and mother’s bracelets. I’ve also started selling necklaces, earrings, and watches too. A big desire of mine is that the bracelets that I make are an encouragement to the women that wear them. There is often so much hurt and pain that drives a woman to go searching for an infertility bracelet or jewelry to memorialize a miscarriage. . .that I desire to be a blessing to them in their time of pain.

Here is the bracelet that I made for the baby shower. I really like how it looks with both the pearls and the birthstones in it. If you click on it, it’ll take you to the part of the store where you can purchase it. It’s called the Kimberly bracelet.

Kimberly : Mother's Bracelet

Many of the bracelets are on sale right now for Mother’s Day. The Mother’s Bracelets are on sale, but so are the Infertility, Hope, and Loss Bracelets.

Hope of My Heart Designs

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