Losing sight of what is important

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It’s almost funny how easy it can be to lose sight of what is truly important. Yet, if we were to be honest about it and admit it, it’s not even remotely funny.

Take our lives, for example. It was so easy to get wrapped up in “How are we going to pay this bill” and “When am I going to start teaching lessons again” and “Hey, Easter’s coming, I want a new dress” and “I sure hope that new song we’re singing on Sunday goes ok” and “Are we having the in-laws over for dinner or aren’t we” and the like. . .that it becomes frightfully easy to forget about the real reason for Easter itself.

Resurrection Sunday. The day we celebrate the greatest event that ever happened in history. The day we proclaim and rejoice over the fact that God’s Son, Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. And even better than that – in that one single act of overcoming death He has offered us the greatest gift of all time – salvation from our sins and the promise of eternal life with God and His Holy Son.

But wait just a minute. Look back at what we consider to be “real life.” Life has such a way of crowding in on our celebrations. We get up on Easter Sunday, eager to worship our Amazing God who has done so much for us. . .but. . .in the process of getting ready to leave we snap at the kids and yell at the husband. . .and begin to lose sight of why we’re even going in the first place. Suddenly things like our hair or our makeup or deciding which shoes to wear becomes more important than the One Who is to be THE most important in our lives. We spend more time worrying whether or not that roast in the crockpot will be done in time for dinner than we do worrying whether we’re right with God and in the right frame of mind to worship our Creator.

Are you guilty of that? I know I am. Much more than I care to admit sometimes.

Really though, if you stop to think about it, it’s embarrassing to stop and think about just how often that really happens in our lives. It’s not just on Easter; it can happen any Sunday of the year. Honestly, life can get in the way of where our heart should be on any day of the year. I don’t know how many times I catch myself worrying about something (like bills that are due soon), and then realize that in Eternity, that won’t really matter. How many times have I worried about things that are truly important? Things that really will matter – like obeying that gentle nudge deep down inside to share Christ with that person whom we know has never accepted Christ?

So honestly, how was your Easter? Were you able to spend some time reflecting on what Christ has done for us? Mine started out crazy and frazzled – 45 minutes before we needed to leave I was standing there cutting the guys’ hair! Thankfully though, once we got to church, things settled down and the services were wonderful. We had 102 people for worship service and a teen boy accepted Christ that morning. What a blessing.

Tonight is church again. I’m hoping I will go with the right mindset, instead of rushing around beforehand going nuts trying to get ready for church and then trying to calm down on the ride there. . .

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