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Just thought I’d put a picture here to show that I actually did have irises in my front yard. . . before the frost. . .

Today I just have gunky-looking stubs growing out there. I’m happy I got to see what the iris bed actually looked like this year though – I’ve never seen it in bloom before. The first year I planted them too late to bloom, and last year we were gone.

There were quite a few that hadn’t bloomed yet. I’m hoping they will still bloom later, but if not, that’s ok. There were a ton of white buds too, but I’m pretty sure the frost got those. I like knowing what colors are in the garden though. When I got the irises, all I knew was that they were a mix of colors.

Guess I should have covered them up before it got so cold at night. . .

We did cover the tomato plants we set out last week, but the wind blew our covering off so we’re probably going to have to replant at least a couple of them. I’m thankful it’s still early in the growing season!

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  1. I wasn’t able to edit my previous comment… I wanted to let you know that I decided not to participate with the award tag.
    I do enjoy visiting your blog. It is a blessing to me.

    ~ Christina

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