Checks don't always come in the mail. . .

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. . .sometimes they get hand delivered!

Finances have been tight as we’ve adjusted from our move. That is as we expected. After all, there was a gap in Stephen’s employment for a couple of weeks. We knew we would need to be careful for a while, so we planned accordingly.

Well, our pantry was starting to get a bit low, and I had been praying that God would provide.

While we were over at Stephen’s parents’ house this weekend, they sent us home with some food from their pantry. I was thankful for it, but since God had provided us with food that we needed, I didn’t give it much more thought after that.

This afternoon though, Stephen was outside when a car pulled into our driveway, and the driver handed him a check. “It’s for groceries.”

God had provided again, and this time from a different source, and one I was not expecting. I love it! With careful planning, it should be enough for two weeks of groceries for us.

God is so good.

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