A new pet for our family

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Yesterday we went to go pick up another fantastic Freecycle find. This time it was a new pet for our family – a female cockatiel. I was very surprised to see an offer like that on Freecycle because the birds usually cost around $100 each. Stephen had two when he was in high school that he raised from babies, and has often mentioned how he would like to get more some day. Because they’re so expensive, we just figured it would be a long time.

I replied to the offer, but really didn’t expect to be able to get the bird. It was a surprise when we received an email saying we could have her. And even better – we were getting her cage and food and everything!

Little man is completely enamored with her. He calls her “Birdie Girl,” but we haven’t named her yet. She is very friendly and loves to be out of her cage and to be handled – she even tolerates Little man handling her. We got a good bird for our family, that’s for sure! Now we just need a name for her. . .

Here’s a picture I took this morning of the two of them.

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12 thoughts on “A new pet for our family”

  1. Your little man and “Girly Bird” are SO CUTE! I think you should call her just that–“Girly”…yeah for Freecycle! Our newest find was one of those huge trampolines for the kids they love it!

  2. they are both adorable. Sam is becoming a handsome young man. maybe we could could do a arranged marriage one day lol?!?!?

  3. Hmmm. . .Sara. . .She doesn’t look like a Sara to me. I do like your name though. :O) We try pretty hard not to give our animals human names – especially if they’re ones we’ll eat eventually like the chickens. It makes it hard to sit down to dinner and say, “Hey look! We’re eating Ralph for dinner tonight!” But we stick with that rule for all our animals.

    Stephanie, yes, you’re supposed to be able to teach them to talk. She whistles with me, but doesn’t talk yet. I’m not sure what she’ll do. She will whistle back at me if I whistle. . .you should have heard her last night when a commercial with whistling on it came on tv! It was funny – she would not hush.

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