A confession

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I have a confession to make today. . .I ate a dinner roll a few minutes ago. :laugh_tb:

There’s a baby shower at church tonight, so I’m making the rolls for the meal. I decided on cloverleaf rolls because they look nice and they’re easy to break into smaller pieces.

When I pulled the first batch out of the oven, some of the rolls didn’t look done, so I decided to sample one. Now THAT was a hard decision! Yes, I’m well aware that sounds like an excuse! :rolleyes_tb: Honestly though, I didn’t want to take them to church and discover there that they weren’t baked all the way through. What I probably should have done was break the roll apart to see if it was done and then give it to Little man, but I ate some too.

Oh wow. . .it was SO good! I try to be careful how much bread and carbohydrates that we consume, and it’s been a while since I’ve eaten homemade white bread. Usually I try to make wheat or multigrain bread instead.

The recipe I used is here. There’s nothing fancy about it; it just tastes good and is super easy. . .a bonus when you’re wanting to make 60+ rolls.

I suppose this means I need to pass on the rolls tonight at the shower, but that’s ok. I got to have a roll fresh out of the oven, and I enjoyed every single bite of it!

Well, it’s time I got off the computer and got back to work – I have more rolls to make and a mother’s bracelet to finish. How could I pass up an opportunity for a new bracelet design? I needed a gift for tonight, lol!

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9 thoughts on “A confession”

  1. Heather, I’ll send some your way, ok? If I can find mine first. . .I’ve been bad! I’m sorry your appt. didn’t go as you hoped. . . that is so disheartening!

    I don’t know why food has to be so good – that’s why I don’t make sweets very often around here – I like them so much I’ll eat them all myself. That’s one reason I love company so much! I can make a pan of brownies without worrying if I’ll be the one to eat most of them.

    By the way – the skirts fit great! Thank you SO much! I love them!

  2. oh Melody If I only had your will power. i need to get in gear and get rid of my extra weight. Had a doctors appt this morning and the scales were not very friendly8o(. Maybe working in the garden will help me get motivated and eat less. Why does food have to be so good?!?!?!

  3. Thanks Heather! The recipe really isn’t that hard. . .but I may not have explained things the best. . .let me know if I haven’t.

    Ok, so I’ll admit it – I did have one with dinner. But only one. I was saving the extra carbs for dessert. . .which I never ended up getting!

  4. Thats what that was in your hand when I got there! ;o) lol. They were very good, I didnt realize you made them! I’ll have to try the receipe.

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