Three-year-old logic

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He put his wooden doggie in an empty laundry basket that he found.

“Doggie doctor.”

I asked him, “Why does the doggie need to go to the doctor?”

“He’s hurtin.”

“Where is he hurting?”

“Right there.” (points to the dog’s nose)

“Why does the doggie’s nose hurt him?”

“All day.” (I guess he misunderstood my question!)

“All day? I hope he feels better soon!” At this point it’s about all I can do to keep a straight face.

As I went to leave the room, I see him pick up a super-soaker squirt gun. He points it at the doggie, and makes a shooting noise.

“Doggie better.”

Yeah, if his intent was to put it out of it’s misery. I can’t figure out where he got that idea though – he hasn’t seen it around here.

Now he just came to me and announced that doggie needs a bath.

Around here, life is never dull.

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