Do I need a sippy cup?

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I suppose after this morning I’d better only allow myself to drink coffee at the computer with a lidded cup. I reached up to gesture while talking with Stephen and knocked over my coffeecup. Unfortunately it was still mostly full and the thing holds a good 16 ounces. The coffee soaked my keyboard – I’m surprised that it works, but I’m thankful. We do have an extra keyboard sitting around here somewhere though that I could use if this decides that my coffee was too much for it.

You’d think I would have learned when I spilled red Kool-Aid on it a year ago, but no. I just went and brewed another pot to replace what we mopped up. The coffeepot just beeped to tell me my happy juice (that’s what Little man calls my coffee) is done. And yes, Annie, I know you think I drink too much coffee. :O) And no, I’m not going to cut back. I love coffee. I am going to hunt down one of my travel mugs though – we only have 5 or 6 of them. :O)

I guess I’m glad I use Splenda in my coffee – at least it’s not a sticky mess!

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