A pleasant surprise

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We had quite the surprise this week. Our alma mater has a section on their website for alumni, where we can post updates and email other grads through the site. They send out an email every month with a list of all who have updated their profiles that month.

We like the list because it’s a great way for us to see how our friends are doing, especially those whose contact information we no longer have. A couple of months ago, we noticed that there was a couple who had been called to start a church here in our little town.

When we went back later to contact them, we couldn’t, for whatever reason. Then this month we were able to get in touch with them.

What a surprise – not only are they starting a church here in our town, but there are two other families here from the school that came with them, along with the parents of one of the couples. One of the families lives right about a mile away from our house, and their parents actually live 4 houses down from our house! You can actually see their property from ours.

I was able to meet some of the ladies Thursday evening and it was so fun. It was neat to be able to make some new friends who live so close!

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