I think he likes church

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Last Sunday we went to our home church again. I was a bit concerned about how Little man would handle it – whether or not he would remember anything there. When we walked into the building, he took my hand and led me straight to the nursery. I was happy that he remembered it.

Every single day since then he has asked to go to church. Not just once a day, but multiple times a day. It just makes me smile to see my little guy asking to go to church.

It was funny to watch him last night before service. He really loves our Preacher. He was following him around, trying to say “Hello” to him. . .

My little guy is growing up to love church! Yay!

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  1. Thanks, Allison. It’s really become kind-of a theme for our lives, so I wanted to add it. I couldn’t find a place where I liked how it looked though, so if you find it’s moved somewhere, that’s why.

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