Fantastic ladies' meeting

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It amazes me how you can be gone for one evening and then part of the next day, and yet still feel like you’ve been gone for forever!

This weekend was the annual ladies’ meeting at Bright Light Baptist Church in Concord, NC. Several ladies from our church went. Every year I have gone it has been wonderful, and this year was no exception. It was so refreshing. When we first started making plans to move, I wondered if we would be back in time for me to go to the meeting. I was thrilled to find out that I’d be able to go.

Our pastor’s wife was one of the key speakers, and she has such a talent for public speaking. She spoke about having the “perfect” husband and how we can strive to be the perfect wife. She also warned us against the “It’s all about me and MY wedding day” mindset and how we often planned for the wedding day itself with little thought for the marriage. It was a great reminder of the wonderful husband that I have, but also gave me food for thought about how I can be a better wife.

One little thing about the meeting that brought a smile to my face was the goodie bags. Every year they pass out some sort of goodie – one year it was a neckbone travel pillow, another year it was a cd, and this year, it was Willow Tree Angel figurines (because the theme was “Heaven Sent”). I’ve been slowly collecting the figurines, and I was absolutely thrilled to receive one that I didn’t already have. Then two ladies from our church gave me their figurines. . .so I came home with three instead of one. It just makes me smile.

Every year I look forward to going to this ladies’ meeting. . .and I am already looking forward to going to the 2008 meeting.

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  1. It sounds wonderful! We have friends in that part of the country, and family in upstate SC, where I grew up. I’ve just discovered Willow Tree angels (I know, I’m behind the times!). It’s neat that you got three new ones this weekend!

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