Diabetes scares me

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What scares me more is how close I can be to becoming diabetic. What also scares me is that it runs in my family. Although I am adopted, that is one thing I do know about my birth family.

Back in September, when my doctor warned me about how close I was to becoming diabetic, I started getting scared. I think it had something to do with the words “raging diabetic.”

So, I began making the changes that the doctor told me I would need to make. I remember telling Stephen one day that going into it, I wasn’t going to expect any sort of weight loss. I was going to make the changes for health reasons, and hopefully get my insulin levels to come down. I remember thinking that if I lost weight, great, but that it would just be an added bonus.

So. . .some of you have asked. . .and. . .here are my official “Before” and “After” photos. It’s really more of a progress report, because I still feel like I have some weight to lose before I’m completely finished.

I never took an official “Before” picture, though I have plenty to choose from. I never really expected to lose a lot of weight either, though. This first “before” picture was taken in July when we were getting our church ready for VBS.

This next “before” picture was actually taken after I had lost about 15 pounds, but it was really eye-opening for me. I put it next to a picture I took two Wednesdays ago after church.

60 pounds gone. I am still absolutely amazed. I honestly believe that that is one of the reasons that God led us up to Indiana, so I could see a doctor who actually knew what to do to help get my health under control. Lord willing, diabetes is a long ways off. I don’t know if I’ll be able to avoid it completely, but I am immensely grateful that I know what to do to delay it!

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12 thoughts on “Diabetes scares me”

  1. I’m just now catching up on blog reading after my self-imposed break. You look SO good! I am so pleased that you’ve done so well. Keep it up. Praise the Lord for helping you find the right doctor, even if it meant moving you halfway across the country!

  2. Your weight loss is amazing! I am diabetic- but it is controlled with diet. I lost 15lbs last month but am on a plateau. I need to lose another 100lbs! How did you do it?


  3. Way to go Melody! I have lost 5 lbs by going Organic and it has given me SO much energy! So good for you for sticking to it. Good luck on the growing Organic, let us know how that goes. My husband could be diabetic in a heart beat too. So I know how you feel. But prevention measures go a LONG way! Congrats and I’ll pray you can continue this way of life. 🙂

  4. Barbara, I’ve been writing a post in my head for a while now about the eating changes we’ve made. . .it just hasn’t been written down yet. Hopefully soon.

  5. You look beautiful! You’ve also given me some hope. Diabetes runs in my family too. Although not there yet, I know I will be if I don’t make some changes. The weight has been coming on faster over the last couple of years. I am slowly trying to change over my eating habits and lose weight.

    I would love to hear what changes you’ve made, etc.

  6. Wow! That is amazing and wonderful. Rejoicing with you! God certainly does lead us where He wants us to be. He knows exactly what we need.

    ~ Christina

  7. WOW, you look really great. I looked at some of your back post, to see what your doing to lose. I’ve been on South Beach for the last 3 weeks, hope I have the same succuss as you. Keep it up. I’m sure you are benifiting in so many ways.

  8. Wow, that’s amazing, good for you! You can really see a big difference. You’ll have to tell us how you did it. (o:

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