Avon boxes are good for. . .

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. . .bringing baby bunnies home from the flea market! We got two rabbits today and they are absolutely precious. We’ve been talking about raising rabbits, so when we were at the flea market today and saw that the price was right, we bought two of them. Little man alternates between calling them “wabbits” and “babbits.” It’s funny. When we put him down for a nap today, he asked us if he could keep the “babbits” in his room. Um, no, I don’t think so!

We also got our chickens today. That was really our reason for going in the first place. The price of the birds has gone up, so we ended up spending a little bit more than we had planned, but that’s ok. We got three hens and a rooster. We had discussed getting chicks and raising them ourselves, but we really miss homegrown eggs, so we bought adult birds to start with. That way we can have eggs right away, instead of waiting the five months (Stephen just corrected me – 21 weeks) until the chicks are old enough to lay. Our local farmer’s store sells chicks, so we’ll probably order some Rhode Island Reds through them, depending on their price.

We also had a long talk on the way home about going organic and raising our animals and garden organic. Even though we haven’t been able to have a garden or animals, we’ve still been studying. The way we did things before was nearly organic, so there aren’t a lot of changes we’ll need to make. The more we study it out, the more we’re convinced that it’s healthier and the way to go. It should be an adventure!

I’ll post pictures later. . .

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