New clothes for the boy

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My little guy has grown more, and I found myself looking for new clothes for him for the summer. When we were in IN we were set – he had an entire drawer full of long sleeved shirts. Then we moved here, and I had forgotten just how warm it gets this early in the year. When I looked at the number of short sleeved shirts he had (three), I started praying.

Yesterday I answered a freecycle posting about boys’ clothes. She emailed me back and we picked them up on the way home from church this morning.

There were enough shirts in the bag to completely outfit Little man for the rest of the summer. There was even a polo shirt and an undershirt – both of which he also needed.

It was a total blessing to see how God provided for our clothing needs again!

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  1. Isn’t Freecycle a blessing! We are a member of one of the largest groups in our state, so that has answered quite a few of our prayers as well, being a single income family! 🙂

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