Yesterday's fun

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We took Little man outside yesterday to play in the snow. The neighbor kids like to sled down the hill in our back yard, so I was hoping to be able to get out there before they did. It was really neat to watch Little man’s reaction when he first tried to walk in the snow, especially since it was waist deep for him.

He decided to just crawl along the top of the snow. He was light enough that it held him up, so he crawled all the way down the hill.

We got a good laugh at the way he he was laying on the sled.

Stephen went to walk up the hill and ended up sitting down. I like this picture because it looks like the snow is up to his waist. It was about thigh-high here though.

Somebody got upset because we wouldn’t take him into the garage. . .

Sledding fun!

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6 thoughts on “Yesterday's fun”

  1. Barbara, the secret. . .diet and exercise. A change in my meds (upped my dose of Metformin) has made a huge difference as well. The more research I do about PCOS and Insulin Resistance, the more I see that we used to eat so many carbs that it just made things worse. Now the only carbs I eat are whole-grain or more natural; I’ve tried to eliminate as much of the refined white sugar and refined white flour as possible. I never realized it’d make that big a difference!

  2. Come on up, Allison! You could stay up here and help us pack. . . and then we could bring you back when we come!

    Hehehehehe. . . as if THAT would happen! LOL!

  3. Wow! That’s a lot of snow! We (in north central WV) didn’t end up with as much (to which I’m thankful for)!

    You look great in that last picture. You can tell that you’ve lost some weight. What’s your secret?

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