Sweet husband

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I am seriously blessed with the best husband in the world.

This morning when I went to put my Bible away after reading it, I discovered a chocolate bar underneath it. He had put it there when he got home from work this morning. I had to laugh that I didn’t notice it sooner, but I open my Bible on my desk each night before I go to bed, so when I sit down in the morning to read, it’s already open. I did feel rather unobservant though!

It’s not the chocolate that made me happy – though it was greatly appreciated. It’s the thoughtful gesture that meant so much to me. In the past he’s hidden chocolate bars under my clothes laid out for the next day. One time he wrote I Love You on some sticky notes and scattered them throughout my household notebook, another time a new set of sticky notes were stuck in my Bible study notebook. I just love his little surprises; they make me feel so cherished.

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5 thoughts on “Sweet husband”

  1. Oh, how sweet. It is those ‘small’ but personal and thoughtful things that are such a blessing from my beloved. When he shows that he is taking the time to think of me I fall in love with him all over again.
    What a blessing for your husband to do that.

    Thank you, by the way, for your comment and kind words today. They were a blessing. I responded a little in my post but wasn’t sure if you came back to read comments. *Ãœ*

    Enjoy your weekend.
    ~ Christina

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