Sorted through baby clothes today

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This afternoon was spent packing up decorative things that we’ve had in the kitchen while we’ve been here. I figured I’d go ahead and pack them up so we could get another box or two done.

After that I started on the tub of newborn clothes. Stephen has asked that we get rid of most of the baby clothes, so we don’t have to move all those huge tubs back across the country. The boxes of all the other sizes have already been gone through, but not the box of newborn clothes, because it was piled under so many other boxes downstairs.

It was hard to imagine Little man so small. Those preemie clothes are so tiny! I know he really was that size, but now. . .it was a real trip down memory lane. A lot of the sleepers and gowns and things like that I did keep. Lord willing, we’ll be able to use it some day with another child, so we kept it. The rest was bagged up and posted on freecycle.

The other day I showed Little man the video we took while he spent his week in NICU. It was funny to watch him because he wanted to hold the baby. He informed me, “Baby crying, Mama.” It does amaze me how a little trip down memory lane can make me miss those baby days, though!

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