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Well, it definitely is strep throat, just like I suspected. I am extremely curious how I was exposed to it though. . .

So I imagine I’ll be laying low for a few more days. Wow – a popsicle hasn’t sounded this good in a long time, lol!

I am so thankful that this isn’t moving week! Now I’m just praying that Little man doesn’t get it.

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10 thoughts on “Small update”

  1. Hope you get better soon & that no one else catches it. So many ickies going around right now- BRING ON SPRING! I’d rather deal with allergies, LOL… ((HUGS))

  2. Chele – oh yes, I have been to Mary Jo’s. I LOVE that store! It’s a little too pricey to shop there often, but when I need something specific, that’s where I head. Love that place. . .

    I’ve been excited about going back there to shop – our Walmart here is closing their fabric section so there isn’t a whole lot of selection here. But soon. . .that will no longer be an issue, lol!

  3. Hey Melody – so sorry to hear you have strep throat — how yucky!! Take care of yourself and little man. Hopefully this too will pass soon. Just think us people in the South promise we won’t give ya our germs….. LOL

    Looking forward to meeting you after you move. Maybe we can go to Mary Jo’s in Gastonia. Have you ever been there?

  4. So sorry to hear that your not feeling well. We know how icky strep can be. I’ll be praying for you and your family.

    Thank you for your prayers for our family, too. They are such a blessing to us.

    Hope you’re able to relax and recuperate.
    ~ Christina

  5. Hey Annie! I’m not sure if Stephen had strep or not…he said his throat didn’t hurt. His symptoms were so completely different from mine (his were all stomach and I haven’t had a problem with that). It was just long enough ago that he’s worried about getting it now though.

    I am curious – if you and Brian and I all got sick around the same time – who were we around that had it if it wasn’t Stephen?

  6. Hey Melody!

    Our guess was that Stephen had Strep throat and did not know it! Not everyone has the same symptoms and if you are not treated for it, you can be contagious for awhile! Brian had the same thing as Stephen, except some nice white spots on his throat. My sister in law had strep last week and had no spots on her throat, but felt as though she had a terrible flu! I have all classic symptoms of strep but thought that it was the flu for 2 days first! We found out today that we have strep. We got ours one day before you got yours…and both of us started the way that Stephen did. So…keep an eye on little man…hopefully he will not get it!

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