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When Stephen was sick a couple of weeks ago, I had prayed that we all wouldn’t get sick at the same time. We didn’t – and I was extremely grateful for that.

Unfortunately, last night my throat began to hurt, and when I got up this morning, I had a temperature of 102. I’m not entirely sure if I have strep throat or the flu, but I’m leaning toward the strep throat based on my symptoms. I’ll be calling the doctor in the morning to see when I can get in.

Stephen has been absolutely incredible – waiting on me hand and foot. Another thing I’m thankful for is that Little man seems to remember Daddy being sick, and has not bothered me at all. He’ll ask Stephen questions about me but hasn’t tried to climb up in my lap or anything. I love to snuggle with my little boy, but regardless of what I have, I do not want him sick with it if at all possible. He was so good this morning before church – he just sat in a chair and played with one of the toys that my mom and dad brought him when they were here last week. When they were walking out the door to church, he asked Stephen, “Mommy church?” He just didn’t understand why I would stay home from church.

I was pretty disappointed this morning though – Stephen preached in the morning service and I missed it. I just love to hear him preach. I know things happen sometimes, but I was really looking forward to hearing him. Oh well.

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