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We have had some major problems lately with our van. The radiator has been threatening for quite a while now to quit, and has been leaking fluid something awful. We were a bit concerned, so we limited driving it and waited for our tax return to be deposited into our account to actually pay to have it fixed.

Almost two weeks ago, a friend of Stephen’s approached him at work (one of the few Christians at the plant). He told him that God had laid it on his heart that he and his wife were to help us move in any way that they could. He told Stephen to take our van into the shop and to have it completely fixed and readied for our move, and that he and his wife would pay for it.


Our mechanic called us Wednesday to tell us that our van was done. This morning when Stephen came home from work, he handed me a check from his friend. Our van has been paid for!

The mechanic had fun fixing the van. . .when he replaced one of the radiator hoses, the radiator itself couldn’t handle it and it blew, so he had to replace that too. He told me over the phone that the entire cooling system has pretty much been rebuilt now. Nice. One less thing to worry about!

Oh, and the dash lights are fixed again. No more driving down the road and turning a flashlight on to read the dial! (Yes, I know that’s not safe. . .but that’s what we were doing until we could get it into the shop again)

Isn’t God GOOD?????

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