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Wow – the snow just keeps coming! It was coming down pretty good when I woke up this morning, and hasn’t really let up all day.

Our local news website states that we’re under a blizzard warning and that we’ve gotten over 14 inches of snow so far. Up to 18 inches is possible by morning. After living in the South for so many years, it has been many years since I’ve seen this much snow. When I took the dog out a moment ago, the drift in our front yard was thigh high. Thankfully, I do have a pair of boots, but I discovered they weren’t quite high enough when I almost fell off the step in our walkway. I knew it was there, but it was so covered in snow that I tripped. Oh well! :O)

I was hoping to see a good amount of snow before we left, but I surely did not expect this much!

It’s beautiful though. The time with the three (well, ok, four if you count the dog) of us shut in our house has been really nice.

So tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day plans are to stay holed up in the house as much as possible. . .no problem there. I’d like to take Little man out in the snow to play, but we’ll see what the temperatures are like. That, and if I can find something warmer to wear under my skirt! Well, I’d better clarify that. . . I have a prairie-style skirt that fits under my denim skirt for quite a bit of added warmth. It’s finding socks thick enough and long enough to wear with my boots. . .unless I borrow Stephen’s steel-toed boots and wear them. . .

Now there’s a mental picture!

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