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The household notebook forms have been moved to a new site.

When I first put up the household notebook forms here on my blog and made them available for download, I never anticipated how many people would actually use them. It eventually reached the point where I needed a better way to manage the number of downloads.

The final solution was to create an entirely new site for the notebook forms. That wasn’t my original intent, but in the long run, the new site should actually work better than my original ideas.

One of the biggest parts of the project was writing a master household notebook and compiling all of the forms into one big .pdf file. The finished notebook is 52 pages long and has several pages that are customizable, as well as several new forms that I haven’t previously offered here on my blog. It is also available in five colors to choose from. The price of each notebook is $6.99 and comes as a complete .zip file with the forms you need to customize it.

The forms that I previously offered here on my blog are still free, but they have been moved to the new site so I can better keep track of everything.

With the Fruit of Her Hands – household notebooks made beautiful

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  1. Thanks, Mrs.B! Thanks for posting a link to your blog – I’ve seen mention of it around blog-land but I’m not sure if I’ve been there before. Now I can. . .

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