Sho-shoo me yeeg

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If I hadn’t heard Stephen telling him what to ask me, I would have had no idea what Little man’s dance was all about.

He came into the room and stood there on one foot, trying to balance while pulling his pants leg up and rubbing his calf.

“Sho-shoo me yeeg, Mama!”

He has extremely dry skin and wanted me to put lotion on his legs. Yep, definitely a good thing I already knew what he wanted!

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3 thoughts on “Sho-shoo me yeeg”

  1. Yes, please do post the recipe on your blog! I read it regularly, by the way. I’ve been meaning to make a coupon binder like yours but haven’t had a chance to yet…….

  2. My Elders have VERY dry skin on the backs of their hands in the winter. We use shea butter or a mixture of shea, petroleum jelly & baby lotion (I’ll post the recipe on my blog if you’d like). Both work MUCH better than reg lotion.

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