What a deal!

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Let me just say that I love Meijer and will really miss shopping there after we move. They have some of the best sales!

Several weeks ago, I purchased half a dozen packages of smoked sausage at a Buy 1 Get 2 free sale. I was thrilled. What made me happier was that most of the packages had a coupon on them to buy 2 packages of link sausage and get a package of little smoky links for free. I used a couple of the coupons on that shopping trip to get free links, and saved the rest for a later time.

This week Meijer had the link sausage on sale again for Buy 1 Get 1 free, so I put them on my list to use with my coupons I saved from earlier. Then when I checked the sale ads later, they had put a Super Saturday ad on their website for today.

Because the Super Bowl is next week, they had a lot of game-related things on sale. They had the little smokies on sale for Buy 1 Get 2 free. I started thinking. If I used one coupon and combined it with their sales, I could buy a package of sausage and get one free, and then use the coupon and get a free package of little smokies. But, because the little smokies were on sale, I could actually get three packages for free.

When I walked out of the store today, I had gotten 9 packages of little smokies and 6 packages of the regular link sausage for the price of just 3 sausages. WOW! That was nice – my freezer will be stocked with sausage for a good long time now.

But that’s not all.

They had a sale on printer ink, which was good since we’re about out. If you bought a two-pack of ink (one black and one color cartridge), you could get a HP printer for free.

My first reaction was, “What?” It really was true though! The two-pack of ink was almost the same price as a regular black cartridge for my printer. We’re not the type of people to just run out and buy a new technology something-or-other unless our current item is unrepairable, but at this price, it didn’t make sense not to. Why would I pay more for a single ink cartridge, when I could get a new printer and ink for it for less than I’m accustomed to spending for the ink alone?

I had been praying that God would provide and that we’d be able to get some good deals today to make our money stretch farther. At the bottom of my receipt, it shows how much we saved with sales and coupons. We saved $81.56 today – and that’s not counting the printer deal!

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2 thoughts on “What a deal!”

  1. Wow! Isn’t it GREAT how the Lord shows us little–or in this case HUGE ways of telling up He cares for us? That is awesome! We get some pretty amazing deals here too. We have been pretty low on cash lately too with property taxes due…liscence tags needing renewed…our sewer dues went up this month…car insurance 6 month is due… and when I went to Wal-Mart to grocery shop yesturday guess what. My story is similar to your’s. A lot of the things we normaly buy were on sale for most things more than 50% off!! He knew we needed the boost! PTL for answers to pray eh?! 🙂

    Your Sis in Christ,

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