Tonight's dinner: Chicken and Curds

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First, it would help if I actually typed the word “curds” instead of “cruds.” HA!

Tonight’s dinner was supposed to be chicken with Alfredo sauce. I found a lower fat recipe that I had all the ingredients for and decided to try it. I put the chicken on the stove at 3:30, so by dinnertime all I had to do was debone it.

When it was time to actually start the rest of dinner, I cut up the broccoli and put it in my pan with the steamer basket and turned the burner to high. Then I started trying to make the sauce. I figured the broccoli would steam pretty quickly so I could wait to start the sauce until after the broccoli got started.

Just then Little man comes tearing into the kitchen, and runs into me head-on. I told him, “Don’t run into Mama, especially when she has a knife in her hand.” The little guy misunderstood me, went to the silverware drawer, opened it, and pulled out a knife. He brought it to me and set it on the stove.

I giggled. What a little helper, lol! I was thankful it was just a butter knife (he can’t reach any of the sharp knives).

At that moment I realized that something was burning. I stirred the sauce, trying to see if that was it (I have an incredible knack for burning white sauces almost every single time!), but it wasn’t. I knew the broccoli was in a steamer basket so assumed that couldn’t be what was burning.

It was the broccoli though – the pan had boiled dry. I quickly removed it from the burner and set the pan (on a hot pad) on the counter and turned to my pan of Alfredo sauce.

You know what’s coming next, don’t you? I can just about hear you laughing now.

My beautiful sauce was now boiling. My first thought was, “Great! Now it’ll thicken up.” Unfortunately I forgot that when milk boils, it breaks. And break it did. Into a whole bunch of curds. Big curds, with a lot of buttery-looking milky liquid.

Oh well, right?

So I dumped it over the chicken and served it anyway. Stephen just laughed.

Chicken and Curds. I invented a new dish! It wasn’t half bad either. . .though I will be more careful the next time I make it. It’s kind of hard to pour Alfredo sauce over your dinner when it plops out of the pan in chunks. . .

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5 thoughts on “Tonight's dinner: Chicken and Curds”

  1. Good to know someone else serves meals like that. :oD
    I do stuff like that all the time. As long as it’s still edible, no harm done. *HeeHee*

  2. I call that the joys of cooking. I Had extra crispy grilled pork chops the other day. They were not to bad. I guess I may need to go to the Gods Ideal Womens class myself. hehe Congrats on the new dish!

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