Thrift store shopping

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Yesterday our local thrift store had a $1 bag sale. Those sales are so wonderful!

Once again God provided for both our needs and for a couple of my wants. Stephen needed another sweatshirt for work, and I managed to find him a black one with a John Deere tractor embroidered on it. Little man promptly declared that the shirt was, “MINE!” when he saw that tractor. I also found him some sweat pants, another pair of overalls, and another dress shirt.

Little man was a bit harder to shop for this time as most of the little boys’ clothing had been picked over already. I only found him one shirt, but found him a pair of Nike athletic shoes and a nice pair of brown dress shoes. His everyday shoes fit him right now, but he’s about to grow out of them so I was happy to find him a pair in the next size up.

I found several tops and sweaters for myself. I have quite a few tops that fit right now, but several of them are just big enough that when when a little bit more weight comes off I’m going to have to pack them away because they’ll be too baggy to look nice anymore. About half of the tops I bought fit me, so I freecycled the rest. There was a really cute denim jumper in the pile that was too tight. I was a little disappointed until I discovered that somebody had taken it in and that when I rip those seams out, it should fit me.

This time I also found some neat household things at the thrift store. When we put Little man into a twin bed, Stephen’s mom sent us the sheets that Stephen used to sleep on. They have lions all over them, and they match the quilt that’s on Little man’s bed (Mom made it for Stephen when he was little also). Imagine my surprise when I found a sheet at the thrift store that matches the two sets that we already have!

Another neat find was four sets of cloth napkins. Three of the sets coordinate with my plates and the other set, well, I just thought it was pretty. I’d been wanting to start using cloth napkins for everyday use instead of buying paper ones, but hadn’t gotten around to making any yet. Now I don’t have to make them.

There was a huge box of old patterns, so I dug through there and picked out some that had parts that I thought I might use someday. One of them was a pattern for a little girl’s pinafore. It was so cute that I couldn’t resist it.

The best part was paying $3.18 for everything!

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  1. Aren’t Thrift Stores fun! I found a cute little hand made apron for my little princess for a quarter at our store here in town.

  2. I love those kind of deals. Sounds like you got some neat stuff. One question what is a pinafore?

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