Silly dog!

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It’s cold and snowy out and we aren’t allowed to bring the dog inside. So. . .the dog has straw in his doghouse to help him keep warm.

What does he do? He goes to sleep at the bottom of the hill, right in the middle of the blowing snow.

Oh wait – I take that back. He’s up now and looking like he’s considering going in his house. It’s about time!

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3 thoughts on “Silly dog!”

  1. Elizabeth, I’m not 100% sure how to compare for our dog. We keep him on a chain here because our yard isn’t fenced in. Our old house had a fenced in yard and I really think he loved being able to run.

    I too have asthma and am allergic to dogs as well. Usually I’m ok if the dog isn’t inside all the time, but it’s been quite a while since we’ve tried that. Our landlord here said pretty much “no indoor pets” so we’ve not kept him inside. After we move we’ve talked about bringing him in more.

    It probably depends on the temperament of the dog also, if they’ll be happy or not outside. We had a little tiny dog for a while, and he loved being indoors and outdoors both. This dog, well, he likes being outside more I think because then our Little man isn’t trying to tackle him!

  2. Brrr. We don’t have any snow here right now, but it’s so cold! I hope your dog does snuggle up in his house! How has it been keeping a dog outside? I have asthma and cannot bring a dog indoors for that reason. I’ve considered getting an outdoor dog, as I know people with farms or even with just a couple of acres of land who keep them outdoors. But, I don’t know if an outdoor dog would be happy on our little suburban plot or not.

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