Sewing bug bit me again

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Since I got all those new quilting tools last week, I’ve been itching to use them.

First, I tried making some coasters using this tutorial that I found via Tammy’s Times.

This is what my most recent ones look like:

I really like the yellow one because it’s so cheery, but I have the blue and red one on my desk. I made a blue and red set for part of a bridal shower gift (the other part of the gift was a Household Notebook that I made up for her), and liked them so well that I made one for myself too. I also tried a couple with muslin and chicken material that matches the curtains in my living room, but didn’t like those as well. Stephen, on the other hand, loves them. Of course he would – they have chickens on them!

The coasters were so easy to make that I decided I wanted something a little more involved to use my rotary cutter for. :laugh_tb: I finally decided on this purse so I could use scraps from my stash of fabric instead of buying new material. The tutorial for the purse is at the bottom of the page here.

It turned out a bit bigger than I anticipated, but that’s ok. Instead of putting two shorter straps on it, I made one wider strap and made it long enough to go across my body instead of just over the shoulder (and falling off when I’m out with little guy). It can be worn either way, though. This is the finished product:

It has the same red floral and solid blue that the coasters above have. I just love the red floral material. I won’t be making too much more with it, though, because I’m almost out of it. Then I machine quilted it a little bit along the seams to give it a little more strength.

Now that those projects are done, though, I’ve gone back to the quilt I mentioned in this post. I had put it aside for a while but got it back out again yesterday. I didn’t realize I had that much done already, because I was able to finish up the last block this morning. Now I need to cut the sashing and attach it. I have several yards of a subtle navy print that I think will look really nice next to the blocks, but I haven’t checked to be sure yet.

After sewing all those pajama pants for Christmas gifts, I didn’t think I’d want to be sewing much yet, but apparently I was wrong!

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7 thoughts on “Sewing bug bit me again”

  1. Tammy, they are SO much fun! Even more fun now that I have a rotary cutter – I can’t believe how easy it is to just whip them up. Thank you for sharing the link on your blog!

  2. Bethany – do be warned – it does turn out kinda big. Mine is about the size of a tote bag turned sideways….well, a little bit smaller, but not much.

    I like it that size though…..

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