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This month I participated in an unfinished projects challenge on Prairie Homemaker. The project I wanted to finish was a tree skirt that I started the very first Christmas we were married. I had no idea what I was doing when I decided to draw up my own pattern. Despite the lack of knowledge, I think it turned out pretty anyways.

I hand quilted along the edges of the border. I’ve toyed with the idea of quilting some sort of design in the middle, but have never been able to make up my mind as to what exactly to do there. Since the border is quilted now though, I’m calling it done. Maybe some day I’ll go back and add a design; I don’t know.

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8 thoughts on “A finished project”

  1. I love it just like it is! You did a great job on it, and congrats on getting something done that you’ve put off for a while!

  2. Meredith, that was one of the reasons I made mine. I couldn’t justify spending $25 or $30 for a nice one if I could make it myself for a fraction of the cost! I got most of the border fabrics when they went on sale, so the whole tree skirt cost me maybe $10 tops, and I had enough left over to make another for a friend for under $5 (I had to buy more of the white fabric). Prices are crazy, aren’t they?

  3. How nice!
    I priced tree skirts after Christmas this year (we always use a bunched up remnant) and was shocked how much nice skirts cost, even at 75% off!

  4. Thanks, Amber! We didn’t have a tree skirt that first Christmas, so since my MIL was teaching me how to quilt, I figured I’d try quilting on a tree skirt.

    Give it a shot – I’m sure it’ll turn out lovely!

  5. It’s lovely … what a great idea to quilt a tree skirt!!! I’ve always just used an old table cloth but I think now I’ve found some inspiration!!!

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