Beautiful poem written by a birthmother

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*warning – grab a tissue – you’ll need it*

Somebody on Hannah’s Prayer shared this poem today. She said she found it while searching the web for something else.

I wanted to share it here because it is simply beautiful. I sat there with tears streaming down my face, because I could see the face of little man’s birthmom in my mind’s eye while I was reading.

Adoption is an incredible blessing. Without it, he would never have become my son. It is also an amazing sacrifice on the part of a birthmother. As I watch him grow up, my love for him grows and grows. I don’t know how many times I’ve looked at him and have seen the face of his birthmother in his silly little grin, and it takes me back to the day he was born. (oh my, here come the tears again. . .) She loved him so much, and it was so evident in her face when she looked at him and held him. Her last words to him when she said goodbye were, “I love you.” Adoption is a priceless gift.

To My Son, Their Son
By Jeska Kelly

I say “hello my little William,”
as he rests beneath my heart.
I’ll say “good bye” to little William
when it’s time for us to part.

I say “good night, sweet dreams, my angel.”
I lay my hand upon my chest,
knowing it won’t be me that tucks him in
as he lays down to rest.

I say “ouch, William, that sort of hurts”
as he moves inside of me.
But I won’t be the one to dry his tears
and mend his first scraped knee.

I say “relax, sweet boy” to William
as he grows and jumps and turns,
but I won’t be there to calm him
when he’s faced with life’s concerns.

When he’s got a dirty diaper,
when he’s crying late at night,
when he sees a shadow monster,
and he’s up ’til 3 with fright…

When he eats his first real bite of food,
when he’s learning how to crawl,
when he’s being taught to hold a bat
and how to throw a ball…

It won’t be me there with him.
And though at times it makes me sad,
I know that God has given him
his home, his mom, his dad.

We’ll always be connected.
He’s grown beneath my heart so long
that he’s also grown into it!
The bond is precious and it’s strong.

But I am not his mother.
She lives miles and miles away,
with his daddy, surrounded by family,
who have been waiting for the day
when they will hold their precious baby,
when they will have their darling son,
and to know I’ve born the answer to their prayers
brings peace when the day is done.

And so I say to sweet, sweet William,
as I prepare to see him leave my side,
“I love you so much I’ll let you go.
It wasn’t easy to decide…
But God’s got a big, big plan for you,
He’s got a home for you to make.
He’s just got a different last name,
a different path for you to take.

You are God’s child first,
And He’ll put you in your place.
From His hands, to mine, to your mom and dad’s,
through the power of His grace.

I thank Him for your precious life.
I thank Him for your dad and mom.
But most of all I thank Him for the strength
to place you where you belong.”

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5 thoughts on “Beautiful poem written by a birthmother”

  1. melody, ive been reading your blog for some time now. i love it. 🙂 i dont comment much but i wanted to tell you how much you encourage me. btw, your son is adorable. thanks for sharing your days! blessings to you & your family.

  2. a, perhaps I didn’t explain myself well enough. I meant that it was a blessing for the adoptive family, and a sacrifice on the part of the birthmother.

    I’ve revised the post so hopefully it will better reflect what I intended to say.

  3. Adoption is an incredible blessing and an amazing sacrifice on the part of a birthmother.

    What, dare I ask, is the blessing for the birth mother? Methinks I won’t want to read your answer as I’m sure it’s something trivial like “finishing college” or “not being burdened with a child in one’s youth.”


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