Frugal hot oil treatment

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I tried olive oil for the first time on my hair last night, and I am HOOKED! Wow – my hair was incredible today!

I first tried it because my scalp was so dry. I use olive oil on my hands as a moisturizer, so I figured I’d try the oil on my hair and see if it helped. Right before bed, I put on an old tshirt to sleep in, and put an old pillowcase on the pillow. Then I dampened my hair and rubbed the oil in really well, paying special attention to the roots and scalp, and combed the tangles out. Then I wound it into a bun and tucked the ends in really good and pinned it, and covered it all with a scarf to try and keep as much oil off the pillow as possible. I slept on it that way.

In the morning I washed it out. After the first shampoo, my hair was squeaking, but I sudsed it up again just to make sure all the oil was gone. Then I got scared that it would be a bear to comb out so I put some conditioner on the length of it.

Wow – my hair was so soft, and I can really see a difference in my scalp. This will probably become a regular routine every few weeks or so. It seems to have made a difference as far as tangles are concerned too, but I’m not 100% convinced that’s true yet.

Oh – I used a couple of tablespoons of oil total for my mid-back-length hair. . .

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