Been scarce

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Sorry I’ve been so scarce lately. . .things have been so crazy-busy around here.

God has been teaching me so much about faith lately in my quiet times with Him. It has been amazing. I’m reading in Matthew, and it just amazes me just how much Christ talks about faith. I had never noticed it before – not to that extent, anyway.

There are also a lot of changes in the works at our church. God is calling our pastor away from our church, so the church is just beginning the process of seeking another man. We had a fellowship tonight to meet a potential pastor. It was an interesting evening. Stephen was working, and I really wish he could have been there so I could see what his opinion is on everything, but I can’t. We will have that discussion tomorrow after he meets him and hears him preach.

I’m also questioning my sanity as Christmas draws closer. Stephen and I went into town today to go grocery shopping, and picked up some things for Christmas as well. I bought 16 yards of flannel to make into pajama pants for nieces and nephews, but the kicker is that these gifts all need to be mailed. Normally I would have had gifts done by now, but with finances being as they are, I was waiting for a little extra money first. They’ll get done, though. It has been a challenge trying to come up with ideas that we can get or make while keeping our budget down, but I think we did all right this year. There are still a couple guys on our list that we’re not sure about, but they are just plain hard to buy for and that’s that. Lol!

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