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What a surprise I had tonight! We spent the evening with another family from church. It was a real blessing. While we were there, I asked to use their scale, since it has been three weeks since I weighed myself last.

Wow! I’ve met my first short-term goal! Thirty pounds – gone. I chose the goal not for the goal of thirty pounds gone, but for the actual number itself. It was a surprise to see that number on the scale, when I haven’t seen it in years.

As far as size is concerned, I’ve lost twelve inches so far, and two dress sizes. I can wear the next size farther down some, but not consistently, so I’m not counting that one yet.

In the past, I’ve never been able to lose weight easily. I had heard that a low-carb diet was better for insulin resistance, but had never tried it. Now, if I eat too many carbs, I feel it right away. The chili supper a few weeks ago was a “cheat night,” but I felt so crummy later that night that I decided it just wasn’t worth it. Next time I’ll just have a bite or two of those favorite foods, instead of eating a full serving like that night.

Really though, all the credit needs to go to the Lord. If it weren’t for Him working it out for me to end up with my new doctor, living a healthier lifestyle like this may never have happened.

It is also a blessing to me to know that my son will grow up to think that healthy eating and exercise are normal. He goes with me to the garage sometimes, and wants to walk on the treadmill with me (don’t worry – I don’t let him play on it). Even his eating habits are really improving. He loves oatmeal and apples and vegetables. The other night, I made a chicken, artichoke, and cheese bake, and instead of eating the chicken or the cheese out of it, he was picking out the pieces of artichoke out and eating them first! Yes, my son is learning early and that really pleases me.

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5 thoughts on “Weight loss update”

  1. Oh Melody, that is GREAT!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you!!! 30 pounds, WOW!!! You are giving me the incentive to get back into shape!!! And for Sam to like the artichokes, I wish my girls would eat like that, I will try harder to teach them!!! Jasmine use to get on the treadmill, too!!! Of course I was right there with her to monitor it {on a very slow speed, of course!}, but she loved it!!! Good Luck on your future weight loss!!!

    Love Ya,

    ~Kelly * KJV~

  2. Congrats on the weight lost! I am working on that myself right now. Working full time (sitting at a desk all day) is not the healthiest. I’m working on the exercise part right now–I’ll be revamping my diet pretty soon. I’m just trying to eat sensibly right now!

  3. This is so wonderful and inspiring! How long did it take you to lose that amount? You are motivating me to lose many of those un-needed & unwanted pounds.

  4. Please send some of that motivation this way! LOL

    BIG congrats on that 30 and here’s to meeting your maximum goal! I hope we’ll se before & after pics!?!?!

  5. How WONDERFUL!!! Losing weight is HARD to do! I am trying to follow Weight Watchers’ guidelines for losing weight and have pretty good success so far. In my opinion, the BIGGEST problem with trying to lose weight is in the mind. You HAVE to make up your mind to eat healthier, eat less and exercise- soooooo hard!!!!

    Keep up the great work!!

    Mrs. U

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