God provided again

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It amazes me how when you get hit on all sides and things get really tough – that’s when time with God becomes even sweeter.

We are going through a lot right now, in many different areas. One thing I’ve noticed especially this week is just how sweet my time with the Lord has been each day. Somewhere between praying, “Lord, You have to accomplish this Yourself, because we just cannot do it” and trying to trust Him even when I don’t see what He is doing – I realized just how sweet and precious those quiet times have begun. It’s still a challenge to get up early, but it is so worth it.

One of the “fun” things right now is our van. We had it in the shop last week, and three days after we picked it up it stalled again. Grr. The towing company came yesterday to take it back to the shop because it simply would not start.

Thankfully, Stephen started carpooling to work with a guy that lives right here in our town, so there’s not the added worry of finding another vehicle to drive while our van’s in the shop. Several families from church have volunteered to help me with any running I have to be done.

I began praying (again) about it. The first time to fix it was already an expense that we weren’t expecting, so a second time around was pretty discouraging. I prayed that God would provide the money to fix it.

Yesterday, God did provide that money, and in a way I least expected. I can’t go into details here (sorry! Gotta protect the innocent…) but He did send us the money. Now we’re just waiting to hear back from the mechanic to see what was wrong with the van and how much it’s going to cost.

Although the money itself was a blessing, the way that God chose to send it was an even bigger blessing. Have you ever been given something, but the gift meant even more simply because of the person who gave it? That’s what it was for us.

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