Found some weight loss motivation

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December 3rd is our town-wide annual Christmas tree lighting concert. I’ve been booked to play for an hour. This is my first public performance in this town, and I’ve been billed as a concert pianist! While I’m honored. . .that’s a big title that I’ve never had to live up to before.

My motivation is what I’ll need to wear. I have a few formals from college – they weren’t trendy so they’ll work for this performance – but the true motivation is the size of the dresses. There is one in particular that I have my sights set on. It is a basic, long, black dress. Very simple and very suited to wear for a performance. It’s the next size down from what I wear right now. I’ve been fairly pleased with my weight loss so far, but having the added pressure of needing to wear it in a month’s time adds some pressure.

If I haven’t been motivated enough to do well up until today, I sure have the motivation I need now. I’d hate to have to go buy a new dress simply because this one doesn’t fit.

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