Cupcake boys

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Wednesday night after church we had the funniest thing happen with Little man and the pastor’s son. We joke that the two are double trouble. Those two boys are best buddies – and it is not uncommon to find them causing trouble somewhere. Pastor and his wife had brought cupcakes for their daughter’s birthday, and after everybody had one after church, they brought the remainder upstairs and put them in the pastor’s office.

Stephen and I were just standing around talking when we realized that Little man was nowhere to be seen. Stephen looked in the office, and from the sanctuary we could hear him saying, “Oh boys!”

They had found the cupcakes and had eaten the frosting off all but two of them. Stephen came out of the office with two 2-year-old boys in tow. They were covered in pink frosting. Little man even walked out shoving another cupcake in his mouth. . .while leaving a trail of cupcake crumbs and pink frosting the whole way.

Little man watched wide-eyed as Pastor scolded his son. Right as he was telling him that the cupcakes were no-no’s, he looked right at Pastor and said, “Please?” I guess he wanted another cupcake.

You know, if I had just remembered the night we found them stomping popcorn into the floor, and then trying to eat it. . .I might not have been quite as surprised. . .

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  1. I got such a kick out of reading this! I could just imagine what that would have looked like. It must have been hard not to laugh. : )

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