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While I was responding to a comment from Meredith (the queen of thrift and frugality from Like Merchant Ships) I realized that I never shared about my fun last Thursday at the thrift store.

Before we moved, I frequently heard of people who managed to find amazing things at thrift stores and garage sales. Our pastor’s wife was out at Goodwill one day and found a suit for her husband. It was an Armani suit with the price tag still in the pocket, which she paid $5 for. I had heard of things like this but had never been able to do it myself.

Then we moved here. Apparently I just didn’t know where to look in the Carolinas, because it seems like thrift stores abound around here, and I have gotten some amazing deals!

Wednesday night at church one of my friends let me know that the thrift store was having a $1 bag sale. I made plans to go, despite never having been there and not knowing what to expect.

I arrived at the thrift store with $20. I had no idea what I would find inside, but I wanted to be prepared. Another mom from church was there with her 3 month old baby, so we teamed up. One of us shopped while the other held the baby. She got an extra set of hands to help her, and I got my baby fix for the day. It was a win-win situation.

We left there with the stroller piled so high with both of our bags that it took the two of us to steer it. I spent a whopping $3 and had three very full bags. Amazing.

What amazes me more is what I got. Two suits for Stephen, one of them a three-piece suit (it didn’t fit, but we found a man from church that it did fit), and a pair of corderoy pants. For Little man I got a couple pair of dress pants, sweatpants, a pair of overalls, and a Christmas-y flannel shirt and matching vest. I found 8 or 9 long-sleeved tops and a really nice pair of mid-calf black boots for myself. Just one of the tops alone would have made the trip worth it.

But the glassware I found made everything an even better deal. There was a set of 6 clear glass dessert trays, so I grabbed them. None of the accompanying glasses were there, but I found a set of six punch cups that will go nicely with the trays. My favorite find, though, was a set of four Depression glass teacups in perfect condition.

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  1. I love Goodwill! I recently found a heavy corduroy jumper dress for my daughter, with the original tags, for $1.00! Unbelievable stuff can be found there, if you’re willing to be patient and do a little digging. It’s actually where I find most of my girl’s clothing, as modest clothing for girls is hard to come by these days…

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