Hearing test

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Little man had an appointment with an ENT today to discuss tubes for his ears. He’s had ear infections on and off since July, and I finally told my doctor “that’s enough.” My little guy has suffered too much – it’s about time the root cause of all this was discovered and treated.

We go back in in the morning to have his hearing tested. The doctor didn’t want to pursue tubes yet until he had a chance to see about his hearing. Our pastor’s wife just commented the other day about Little man’s hearing, wondering if I had noticed anything. I’m curious to see what happens.

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3 thoughts on “Hearing test”

  1. We tried everything with my son before resorting to tubes. They made all the difference! Good luck. Please keep us posted.

  2. Our oldest, now 17, almost had to have tubes put in. He had six or so infections before he was 18 months old. The doctor tried one more thing before tubes, and that was 3 months of an antibiotic, and that stopped them. I don’t know if I’d still go with that much antibiotic now, but at the time, it was what worked best. I hope your little guy will be feeling better soon!

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