Hearing test results

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Today’s hearing test went great. We had a college intern doing it (Purdue University uses our doctor’s office for their interns – I didn’t realize that), but he was great! I was very impressed. He seemed pretty nervous, but he was fantastic.

Anyways, Little man did so well. I was praying that he wouldn’t fight some of the tests, and he didn’t. He responded really well to being shut in a tiny little room (I was in there too so that may have helped). Even when they put tiny little earphones in his ears, he didn’t even flinch. This mama was very thankful!

Overall, they said his hearing was great. That was a big relief. They did tell me that with fluid in his ears, he will lose hearing temporarily. It makes sense, but I hadn’t ever heard it before. It does explain a lot about his behavior when he has an ear infection.

We scheduled a follow-up appointment for Monday to discuss the results with the doctor.

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  1. Glad the hearing test went so well. Yes, fluid in the Eustachian tubes causes temporary hearing loss. Also, watch for repeated and/or prolonged infections. One bad case can lead to ear drum rupture which happened to me and caused permanent hearing loss.

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