Today's healthy dinner

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Stephanie, here ya go. . .today’s healthy dinner. It’s nice and frugal too – depending on the price of the meat. The cans of beans and tomatoes I got at Aldi for under $.50 each (I don’t remember at the moment and I can’t find the receipt). For us, this will cost us right at $2 for the whole batch.

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Serves 4 (or 2 to 3 really hungry adults)

1 lb ground beef (we’re using ground turkey instead)
1-2 Tbsp. dried minced onion
1 can chili beans (do not drain liquid)
1 can tomatoes (whole, crushed, stewed, whatever you like, but do not drain)

Brown meat with onion until no longer pink, drain. To lower fat even further, you can rinse the meat, but I usually forget to.

Return meat to skillet and add cans of beans and tomatoes and simmer until chili reaches desired consistency.

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Easy, isn’t it? It’s my mom’s recipe. We let it simmer until it’s pretty thick – thick enough to scoop up with chips, if you choose to serve them with the chili.

I’ll have saltine crackers on the table for Little man and Stephen (he prefers his soup and stews with crackers) but because they’re high in refined carbohydrates I won’t be eating them myself.

Dessert is sugar-free jello. I mixed a box of lemon with a box of lime and it’s actually pretty good.

Last night we had grilled chicken thighs, baked buttercup squash, corn, and salads. It was easy and everything we ate was purchased on sale. :O)

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