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I didn’t realize that I hadn’t posted an update on our moving until today. Sorry! :blush_tb:

We are moved in and are probably 60 to 75% unpacked. My mom and grandmother came to visit this past week. They were so much help with getting this house set up! It was a real blessing to have them here. Each room has a box or two (at least) sitting along the wall, waiting to be unpacked, but for the most part, everything important it in it’s place.

As for Stephen’s job, I’m not sure what all I mentioned earlier. Several weeks ago he signed a bid trying to get a better position in the company. Last Monday, when he arrived at work, he was told he had an interview scheduled for when he got off his shift. If he gets this position, it will be a higher paying job, and will be first shift instead of the third shift that he works now. We’re still waiting to hear the results of that interview.

Our doctor adventures that I mentioned a short while ago are not yet over, either. Little man’s ear infection went away, only to return again a week later. The doctor put him on a different antibiotic, but I am a bit concerned. He has been on the meds for 4 of the 5 days and he’s still complaining that his ears hurt. Although we have an appointment for next week for followup for him, I’m wondering if we’ll end up back in the office again before this week is out.

And then there’s my doctor visits. My doctor referred me to the Women’s Clinic because of my ultrasound results. Apparently they were fairly normal results, but I’m thankful that I ended up in her office. I really like this doctor – very professional but very caring. She kindly told me that “There are some lifestyle changes that you will have to make. They will be work, but you have to do it. Unless, of course, you want to become a raging diabetic.” (And yes, the words “raging diabetic” were her choice, not mine). Hmm. And apparently as they study PCOS and learning more about it, apparently they’re not calling it PCOS anymore. They’re just calling it Insulin Resistance. Hmmm.

She wrote up an order for me to have yet more bloodwork done. Then when the results are in, I’ll go back for a consultation with the doctor and we’ll re-evaluate the medicine that I’m on. Mamaof2Sonshines – right now it’s Metformin XR, 1500mg a day, but the doctor isn’t convinced that’s the most effective medicine for me for now. But again, we’re waiting on the bloodwork to decide.

So when I went garage sale-ing. . .not sure if that’s really a word :ponder_tb: – oh well, I’ll use it anyway. . .and found a working exercise bike for only $10, that’s why I bought the bike. It’s got this cool digital display that tells you your speed, calories burned, and a whole bunch of other stuff. To add to our workout gym in the garage. We already had a Total Gym, and our landlord gave us a treadmill that he was hauling away. The treadmill works, and he didn’t want it. So now, we have all this exercise equipment lined up. . .and knowing that the doctor is fixin’ to get me with how I need to exercise on a regular basis. . .I think I need to get a move on, you know? Stephen works out with a guy from church three days a week, and his wife and I will be working out the other days. This should be interesting. . .

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3 thoughts on “Update”

  1. Laurie E. Miley

    Greetings Melody,
    I caught your site on on fundamentaltop500.com what made me come look is your title ” with the fruit of her hands” Some dear lady from church made me a siggy using those words with a picture of a pie on it. I’m known for my fruit pies. LOL! i like your site it looks good. I can relate to your infertility problems and poly cystic ovarian syndrome. I was dianoised that long time ago and luckly for me clomid worked. (not when it was supposed to but it did later.) I wasn’t overweight when i was dianosied but i am now. I do have 3 children after that dinasis. Forgive my spelling. I lost 1 child 8 years before fertility problems started from SIDS. she was 7 1/2 month old. Anyway sounds like you are in a good church with good standards and I’m glad stay faithful.
    Till Jesus Comes,
    P.S. I have no website but i frequent Abiding Ladies in Christ. I CauliflowerClown there and my testimony is there and also recipes that i’ve posted. Heres the link:http://com2.runboard.com/babidingwithchristladiesservinggod

  2. Hi Melody!
    I found your site from Tammy’s Times. I love it here! Lots of intersting things going on with you and your family.


    Mrs. U

  3. I wish, I wish, I wish, that the things we know now about PCOS and insulin resistance were more well-known 20 years ago. I had some infertility/menstrual problems for several years. One doctor linked these problems to my being overweight, but they were never linked to diabetes/insulin resistance/PCOS. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes seven years ago, and since then, from the studying I’ve done, I’m convinced that for years I was having insulin resistance, which in turn caused my menstrual problems and problems with being overweight. It’s all related. Learn all you can!

    I took Metformin for a little while for my diabetes, but it makes me sick as a dog, so I can’t take it anymore. I’m glad you can take it!

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