Prayer for the Godfrey Family

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I’m a little late to post about this, due to our move, but I wanted to mention it nonetheless.

Susan Godfrey is a fellow blogger who is pregnant and due today. Two months ago, she found out that her precious baby has Potter’s Syndrome. These babies are born without kidneys and usually die shortly after birth. Susan and her husband decided that she would carry the baby to term, instead of terminating the pregnancy.

Amy over at Dandelion Seeds has organized a 48-hour prayer chain for the Godfrey family.

This is what Susan posted on her blog on Friday, September 8th – her last post before the baby arrives:

I have some specific prayer requests that I would appreciate you praying for.

1. That we have a quick and safe labor and delivery
2. That I don’t have to have a c-section
3. Please pray specifically for my children, Colt (13) and Riley (2). While Colt is really old enough to understand, he still hasn’t expressed his grief much and I’m pretty sure that “the dam” will break after the baby gets here. Riley doesn’t really understand what’s happening at all, but I worry about the emotional scars on both of my children from this.
4. That the Lord’s will be done, what ever that may be. While we pray for a miracle we also know that the Lord may have reasons we don’t understand for the baby not to survive.
5. That Lord helps us to accept his desicion, what ever it may be. That His grace and mercy comfort us.

Please join me in lifting up this family in prayer.

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