Keeping whites white

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How white are your whites? What are your laundry tricks?

We just got a bunch of new clothes (the yard sales were great here the week of the Potawatomi Festival!) and I’m wanting to keep them white for a long time. That makes me wonder, though. . .what do you do to keep whites white? A special detergent? Bleach? Blueing? Any other tricks?

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6 thoughts on “Keeping whites white”

  1. Debby – I don’t know a whole lot about blueing myself, other than it’s a blue liquid that you put in your laundry. Something about the blue apparently balances out the yellowish cast of dingy whites. . .

  2. Debby,
    I’m with you on the smell of bleach, then at least you know it’s clean. I acutually wash my towels in hot water and add bleach. Guess what, it doesn’t bleach them out. I do it differently than I did before because my washer now has a bleach dispenser. Before that I would fill the machine and add the bleach then add the towels once it began to agitate.

  3. I just use bleach and super hot water. I like the way bleach smells (weird, I know!)

    Question: What is blueing? Isn’t that what older ladies put on their hair that makes it purple?

  4. I make sure to buy “white” washing liquid/powder, but I also use a bleach powder along with it (it says it is ok to do that). Also, I find if you use the highest temperature that the whites will tolerate, this stops them going gray.

  5. When I buy used whites that are either dingy or have a little stain one thing I do is to soak them in hot water with 3/4 a cup of powdered dishwashing detergent. I just run the washer and pause it and let them soak for about an hour. I don’t think this is a rough on clothes as bleach is. I like the results of bleaching whites, but don’t like the long-term affect. So, I’m quite interested in the other answers you get here.

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