First head wound today

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Sometimes this Mama job is harder than I anticipated. . .

Stephen and I took a quick trip up to my parents’ house for the weekend so we could see family and relax a little bit. It will most likely be the last chance we have to come up here for a while, so we jumped at the chance to come.

The part of the house we’re staying in is bittersweet – it is the suite that was built for Grandma. In a way, it is strange to be staying in her room, but on the other hand, it is wonderful. It’s so peaceful and relaxing – a retreat. It’s so simple and uncluttered with stuff. Since we’re moving next week, I will be decorating our new bedroom with this one in mind. I want to capture that feeling of a peaceful retreat in my bedroom.

Anyways. . .the reason for this post. . .In the family room, there is a stone hearth near the fireplace. It’s beautiful. Little man had his toys stacked near it and was playing, while my dad watched him. Then, somehow Little man fell into the toy basket and klunked his head on the hearth. Dad picked him up and started comforting him. I went over to look at the bump he had gotten, and when Dad pulled his hand away, I saw blood. My heart stopped.

Thankfully, it was just a minor wound, but it bled quite a bit (and yes, I do know that head wounds do that). It sure gave this mama quite the scare! He was up fine and running around soon afterward, but oh. . .I was worried for a bit.

So my little guy had his first head wound today. Poor little man! He’s doing well though – he let me get it wet in the bathtub and even let me dab at it with a washcloth a little bit so it must not hurt too terribly bad now. And yes, I’m breathing easier now that I know he’s all right. :O)

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2 thoughts on “First head wound today”

  1. Hi Melody! I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I really enjoy it. This entry really struck home with me as my little guy had his first head injury recently. Scary, to say the least. He hit his forehead on the corner of a chair and it left a deep wound that was bleeding like crazy. We made a trip to the ER and rather that stitch it they closed it with glue, of all things. It is all healed now and the scar isn’t even all that bad. The doc and nurses in the ER were so kind and caring. All of them expressed amazement that he’s made it to 5 without a head injury. I think I earned a few gray hairs that day…

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