Day 1: The adventure begins

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We are starting potty-training in earnest today. Let’s see how long this takes. I’m armed with more advice from moms who have been there, done that. They’ve given me more ideas to try that I hadn’t even thought of.

The plan: no more pull-ups or plastic pants. Only real underwear from here on out. Little man hates to be wet so hopefully the first few accidents he has will feel especially yucky to him. There will be no going back, not even when we are out or at night. We will simply take changes of clothes with us, and line the bed with towels or blankets that can be washed come morning.

So. . . . let’s see what happens this time. We’re settled in, no moves in the forseeable future. . .so hopefully that means no interruptions in this process. . .

We have laundry going so that we will have every single pair of pants clean and dry. . .because I have a feeling we will be needing them today. . .and the timer is set to go off every thirty minutes for him to stop and to potty. . .

(and yes, you more experienced mamas, feel free to laugh at me. . .for this is my first time potty training a little one and I really don’t have a clue as to what will happen. . .just advice from other moms I know. . .)

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  1. That’s pretty much how I/we got Emi to start using the potty. We still use pull-ups at nap time and bedtime though. Sometimes she stays dry during naptime at daycare but most of the time wakes up wet. Poopieing in the potty is a different story though!!!

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