Church tonight was wonderful

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The church service tonight started with an interesting twist. We had a baptism scheduled. I was pretty excited about it, since it was the first baptism we’ve had since Stephen and I joined the church.

Our pastor’s father is a pastor in the neighboring town, and their church’s homecoming service was today, so they had their evening service in the afternoon. Many of them were planning to come to our service this evening, since it was the pastor’s daughter that had just accepted Christ and was getting baptised. We were expecting a big crowd for our little church.

Stephen went over to the church early in the afternoon to do a little bit of sprucing up in the parking lot. When he came home, he mentioned to me that he would need to head back over in a couple hours to check on how full the baptismal pool was getting. Since he gets so little sleep on Sunday afternoons as it is, I offered to go down there for him.

So, at 4:00 I headed to church. I grabbed a bag of music for the service, and threw a pair of pants and underwear in it for Little man, just in case (he only had one accident all day today, and that was our fault – we didn’t take him immediately to the bathroom when he first woke up. Other than that, it was a completely dry day. I am so proud of him!) Anyways. . .Little man and I headed out.

We walked into the church, and I heard water splashing, so I went to check it out.

The hose had somehow flipped out of the tank, and was spraying water everywhere. The foyer and sanctuary were wet a good 8 feet out from the door in all directions. I turned the water off and called Stephen at the house to come help me clean it up. Then I called Pastor Brian to let him know.

A few minutes later, I realized I still heard dripping, but it was coming from the basement.

The water had drained into the ductwork, and was running out the vents into the basement. The main area was mostly flooded. There was a good inch of water on parts of that floor. At that point, I took my shoes off.

We had helped a family from church move yesterday, and I remembered that they had a wet-vac, so I called them to have them bring it over. When they arrived, they were kind enough to drop off their teenage daughter to help us. :O) I was very thankful.

You know how sometimes in stressful situations, you can either choose to laugh or cry? Somehow, I ended up laughing. I’m thankful that God helped me with my attitude! It just kinda struck me as funny that I was playing in the water with my bare feet and church clothes.

Pastor Brian sent me home to go get towels so we could mop up as much of the water from the ductwork as we could (I took advantage of the opportunity to grab a denim skirt and tshirt to clean in instead of my nicer clothes). Another family ended up dropping off their wet-vac for us to use as well, so that really helped.

All in all, we got the water cleaned up with time to spare. I’m not sure how many people even noticed the floor was wet when they came in.

The service was wonderful! (Renee, I know you asked what our church is like – so here’s my answer. Sorry it took me so long!) New Hope Baptist Church is a conservative Independant Baptist Church. It’s fairly small, with around 40 or 50 people on an average Sunday morning. We have a lot of young families in the church – lots of mid-twenties. Our pastor and his wife are in their upper twenties as well. It is refreshing to see a younger pastor who still stands for what is right, when it seems like so many today are compromising.

The song service was just beautiful. Stephen and I were just soaking it up, listening to everyone singing. I just love how it sounds when a church is packed full of people and everybody is singing out. The rest of the service went off without a problem. Baptisms are so neat to watch – I love seeing the confidence on the face of someone who’s just accepted Christ. Their resolve and utter peace. . .I just love it.

All in all, it was a very busy day, but so sweet. (Did I mention that I made Monkey Bread for the before-Sunday School fellowship as well? Ha! It was a hit though) I just LOVE Sundays!

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